The language arts programs at Wiz Kids are individually tailored to each child’s specific needs. We start by giving the Woodcock-Reading Mastery Test. The Woodcock test has four components.



Part one: Word Identification measures the student’s sight word recognition. The student reads words aloud in isolation and the tutor determines the accuracy of his/her ability to read world without contextual clues.



Part two: Word Attack is the part of the test that measures the student’s ability to apply phonics in pronouncing common combinations of letters. The student is presented with a list of nonsense words that get progressively more difficult. This test allows us hear what phonic patterns the student has mastered and which ones he/she needs to practice.



Part three: Word Comprehension is made up of three sub-tests – Antonyms, Synonyms and Analogies. Together they give us a good indication of the student’s vocabulary level.



Part four: Passage Comprehension is the most important test, because it measures the student’s ability to understand full passages. In this test the student uses a variety of mature reading strategies to demonstrate comprehension.



The Woodcock Test, plus any information provided by the parents, establishes a baseline from which we build a personalized program. After 20 formal lessons we give a different version of the Woodcock Test (same format, different words). This allows us to compare the improvement the student has made.