Personalized instruction makes learning fun!


Lessons at Wiz Kids are designed to accommodate students at any ability level. All students (remedial, average, and gifted) benefit because the programs are personalized.


The first step in developing a program for new students is an evaluative math or reading test. This determines the specific strengths and weaknesses of each student.


The test enables Wiz Kids tutors to develop a program that is carefully tailored to each student. The content of every lesson is individualized with exercises appropriate to the student’s abilities.


Wiz Kids students work with highly trained professional tutors who collaborate to ensure that each student is receiving challenging work at their own level and pace.


Educational materials are chosen and updated to match the student’s progress. Computer programs are assigned to supplement each skill. Students receive individual attention and instruction, not merely a collection of worksheets.


In this way, students improve their skills and abilities, while developing the confidence they need to succeed in school.


It really is a better way of learning.