Have a Wiz Kid in your family!


Wiz Kids is successful because each student is individually challenged at his/her own level. Students work hard in every lesson and they leave with an experience of accomplishment and satisfaction. We’ve built our business on satisfied parents and personal service. Here are some comments from Wiz Kids parents:


“My son has really made excellent improvement on his academic performance at school. His teacher was really amazed.”


“Learning is made fun with your understanding, patience and articulate explanation of the lesson, never boring.”


“… doing a fantastic job! My son has improved from being an F student to a B average.”


“We are very pleased with the results.”


“Wiz Kids is the best investment I have made for my son!”


“I was very satisfied with Wiz Kids and the improvement my child has made.”


“My daughter’s reading skills have improved dramatically.”


“The student/teacher ratio and individualized support makes the program a success.”